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This is the story about how Burnt Offerings BBQ got it’s start into the BBQ business.

My name is Bob and this is my story.  A story that begins like any other, nothing special.  I began with smoking meats in our back yard with some of the cheapest smokers you could ever buy.  I struggled to make a meal worth eating but my family stuck by me as I learned new ways and tried different recipes.  This went of for quit some time before I finally got something right and my food was worth the wait.  My family was happy that they could at least eat the food.  The food was getting better and my taste for a bigger and better and more expensive smoker grew.

I eventually purchased a nicer smoker and the addiction set in.  I smoked meat, pizza, veggies and whatever else I could get my hands on to feed my addition to BBQ and smoking meats.  Within time my food became good and my family would say became great.  It got to where I had ruined it for us to go out for BBQ because mine was always better.  This addition continued and I smoked as often as I could until one day this addition turned into my full time gig.

One day I took the leap into business, purchased a 31 feet long trailer.  A custom built trailer with a kitchen and patio for all the acquired equipment, and of course, with that I desired  a new, larger smoker to put on my new patio.  Wow!  This one cost a lot but my wife allowed me to write the check and I took home my first really nice and extremely large commercial smoker.  I was happy.

We began with a prayer, a large and expensive smoker and no idea  how to run a business.  With God’s help, we have grown and prospered since day one.  I walked away from my security of a full time job to pursue my dreams, my addictions.

Here we are now Burnt Offerings BBQ, A Christian Family Smoke Team is continuing to grow and we stay as busy as we want.

This site is all about giving back or paying forward to others that may want to take a leap of faith and jump into business and have no idea what to do.  My hopes are to help other take that leap, give them the instructions or advice that may be needed or required.  Share our mistakes and triumphs, our recipes and  techniques.  We want to pay it forward to others that may be struggling with the decision to go into the BBQ business.

Please come watch our website grow and prosper as well.  We welcome your visit and especially your comments.

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