About Us

Burnt Offerings BBQ began in our backyard thru trial and error, over and over again.  As the years went by and many “not so good” meals became fewer and fewer our recipes for great BBQ developed into a long list of do’s and don’ts.  It wasn’t long before we had neighbors and friends stopping by for some free BBQ test runs to perfection.  Before long it was difficult to find restaurants that served better BBQ than ours, we had ruined it for our family.  We knew we had developed and perfected some amazing BBQ.

We put our food and technique to the test by completing in our first BBQ contest.  We didn’t win but did much better than we had expected.  We put our talents to work and began catering to medical facilities, soon we were busy and ready to tackle full time catering.  Burnt Offerings BBQ was born and we purchased a custom made concession trailer and began setting up on street corners.

God has always been good to us as we ventured forward into our career.  He has led us thru several profitable years of food truck operations and onto our newest stage, Burnt Offerings BBQ in Greeley, Kansas.


The naming of Burnt Offerings BBQ.

We had tossed around several ideas for names of our new company but nothing that seemed to be just right.  We took to the Bible and prayers.  We sat at our kitchen table and prayed that the prefect name for our business would be found.  I flipped open the good book to a page somewhere in the OT and there it was about two or three lines down on the right side, burnt offerings.  We knew right away that it was the “just right” name for us.