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Health inspectors took food from homeless.

The following is brought to you from the Fox4News channel in Kansas City, Missouri about the Amercian Royal BBQ contest held just across the state line in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Just imagine the government getting in the way of something good.  That would never happen, right?



KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A massive recall has been issued for barbecue cooked at this past weekend’s American Royal at Kansas Speedway.

Volunteers collected thousands of pounds of what they call “perfectly good barbecue” from the annual event to feed the hungry. But when Kansas City health inspectors found it, they threw it in the garbage.

Harvesters Community Food Network said a labeling error led to the issue, but didn’t elaborate on how it occurred.

A Kansas City Health Department food inspector uncovered the issue during an annual inspection Wednesday at Hope City, which had just received its shipment of barbecue from American Royal.

“It was the whole gamut, if you can think of the most magnificent barbecue spread that’s what we threw away yesterday by the hundreds of pounds,” Hope City Associate Director Bill Durkes said.

For five years now Kookers Kare, a group of barbecue chefs with hearts as big as their stomachs, has worked with Harvesters to collect the extra food not turned over to judges at the competition. This year that was more than 3,000 pounds of meat, and 1,200 pounds of sides.

The organization’s president, Gary Denham, said they had a refrigerated truck at American Royal, and his team of food safety experts only collected food that was either piping hot or ice cold.

It’s then distributed to ministries with food kitchens like Hope City on Kansas City’s East side.

“Everyone out there is like all right we are going to eat. Beans, potatoes, brisket, burnt ends, ribs, it’s awesome,” Durkes said.

But when Kansas City health inspectors showed up just as they were about to pass out the food to 150 hungry and needy recipients, the inspector ordered about 700 pounds of barbecue to be thrown out. It was then covered in bleach to make sure no one tried to get it out of the dumpster.

“They were expecting lunch and for it to be a really good lunch and just having it taken away it was a bummer, we were all bummed out,” Durkes said.

Health officials say the food was destroyed because it wasn’t from a permitted establishment, and they couldn’t track where the food had been. Therefore, they couldn’t ensure it’s safety.

Denham said if health inspectors had any questions they should have just asked. Instead hundreds already went hungry, and it appears as many as 3,000 people won’t get meals as a result of the recall.


That was last year, November of 2016.  This year Americal Royal BBQ contest was different, it was better.  This was taken from the same news network, Fox4News of Kansas City.

See the complete story here at Fox4News


It took a year, but some of Kansas City’s hungry finally got to enjoy a collection of the world’s best barbecue. Kansas City, Missouri Health inspectors bleached and tossed thousands of pounds of American Royal barbecue in the dumpster last year at Hope City.

Kookers Kare, the charity that collects all the extra barbecue from the American Royal that doesn’t go to the judges, worked with health officials for months to try to continue the work they’d done for a decade.

After watching all those sad faces when more than 3000 pounds of barbecue was bleached and thrown in the dumpster last year, Hope City was happy to get to serve it Friday.

“We’ve served it for years and it’s just a pleasure to serve it again this year, really to thank the American Royal and Kookers Kare and Harvesters and everybody that makes it happen for us,” Hope City Director Ray Stribling said.

Hope City is just one of several food kitchens serving the barbecue this week. The distribution was handled by Harvesters in Topeka and Kansas City.


A big thank you to our local news channel for continued coverage, thanks, Fox4News.

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What do you think of all that?  What are your thoughts?  Were KC inspectors doing a good thing by perhaps saving many homeless lives?  Please comment below.

4 thoughts on “Health inspectors took food from homeless.

  1. Noooo! OMG thats so sad.Its such a shame when people just think about the rules and cant look at the big picture. Im sure the food was safe and everybody was prepared to eat it. Such a shame:(

    1. Yes, it was very sad that the homeless couldn’t eat. They did however worked hard together to get all things in order for the next year. The cooks worked hard with the health department to get procedures in place so all that food would not get thrown away again. Thanks for stopping by. Please come back to see us again.

  2. Rob, This type of issue isn’t restricted to the States. Fortunately Tasmania has managed to overcome this in many ways and several groups collect food daily to distribute to the poor.

    I can see the reasoning of the health department though. We have had a series of food poisonings where people have gotten a ‘doggy’ bag from an eatery. Haven’t handled it right and eaten it later after faulty storage. A lot of places in Australia don’t allow people to take food away in restaurant containers, if at all.

    One really hypocritical action I know about was Tasmania’s CEO camp out to support charities work with the homeless.

    This is held on the patio of one of our premium hotels (what a chore for them). One year a couple of homeless people approached the barrel fires for warmth. The CEOs chased them away. Good, compassionate (not) work people.

    I am glad to see you guys sorted things out with the BBQ food.

    Nice article.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my site.

      It is a tough decision and one I wouldn’t want to make.  I for sure don’t want a lot of people getting ill due to the food they so desperately need being spoiled but these people sure are hungry.  When the American Royal holds their BBQ competition, there is a lot of food that is wasted.  It’s a great idea to have that food put to a good use by feeding the homeless.  Nice idea. 

      Sad thing though when it was all thrown out due to some rule when the food was probably ok to eat.  That’s just the way the health department works.  They were trying to keep all people safe.

      This story does have a nice ending.  During the entire year from last year till now, the health department and American Royal worked out a plan that would feed the hungry homeless people some great safe food.  Good works.

      Thanks again for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed your visit and please come back at anytime.

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