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How to season a new grill/smoker

Whatever kind or type of new grill or smoker you decide to purchase, they will need to be seasoned before using.  It is true, as you use your unit it will become seasoned but they still require that first time seasoning.  It is unsure what is really in or on the metal inside your new unit be we want to get rid of all the impurities and other unwelcomed things in our grilling units.  The food will taste so much better once seasoning is done.

Once your unit is ready to be turned on for the first time, add your favorite cooking spray.  I use Olive Oil Cooking Spray to the entire inside.  Liberally spray to everything in site, top to bottom and side to side, coating it all.  Fire up the unit and allow to set for about 45 minutes to an hour.  We recommend setting the temperature to around 275 – 300 degrees F.  Please check your buyers guide for any additional information and recommended temperature.

Once the initial seasoning is complete, it is ok to begin your cooking.  I recommend using the spray oil prior to cooking for several times to continue the seasoning process.

Good luck with your new cooking unit and enjoy.

We always love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts to seasoning?  Do you have a different process to take away the newness of a cooking unit?

Please let us know.  Thanks

2 thoughts on “How to season a new grill/smoker

  1. I just bought a new grill and never thought to season it. I am going to go ahead and do this. Does this help keep the food from sticking to the grill when you are cooking? This would be wonderful, if this is the case. That is the one thing I hate, when I am cooking hamburgers especially, they stick and then come apart. This will be a solution then? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my site.
      I am so glad to hear that you learned something from my page.
      I recommend that you season your new grill as I have described in my post. The better the seasoning and the more you use your grill, it should get better and have less sticking of food. Another secret that I did not mention in the post that will help you as well is just before you cook, take a half onion and rub it on the grill grates themselves. This will clean and season. You may want to use a non-sticking spray like Pam several times just prior to grilling.

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